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Bittersweet Home kicked the door open 5 years ago, starting with a small QnA event and a signing with an artist. 

The demand was huge and the reputation grew quickly. We instantly became a trusted source for either buying items or getting your own items signed via our private send in sessions with industry legends. We’ve now grown into the UK’s leading company bringing artists and fans together like never before. 

Our 5* proven customer care and access to a network of names sets us apart. Make use of our ‘free to view’ online Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) register to view any item(s) we have been involved with.

Bittersweet Home is proud to support Teenage Cancer Trust and Salford Lads Club

Please see our current highlighted items for sale with all proceeds being donated to charity.



At a time where forged autographs have flooded the market, having an option to add a ‘Certificate Of Authenticity’ (COA) to an item is hugely beneficial….as long as the images and details are solid!

These days most COAs are very basic, easy to whip up worthless documents. Unless they have a level of detail and pictorial evidence attached.

A Bittersweet Home COA will always include a picture of the exact item and detail its history (including any relevant dates and venues), with an individual tamper proof holographic BH cert number.

Each BH number can be checked against our ‘free to view’ online register at any time.

If a COA is available for an item in the Shop, the tick box to add to basket will be visible.

For send in signing sessions, tick this option in advance to request an exact picture of your item being signed.

A standard COA costs £15 to add to your purchase.

Signature Opinion Check Service & COA

Where Bittersweet Home haven’t attained the signature(s) on an item, in some cases we can still independently review signatures using our database of previous genuine examples combined with a closed panel of experts.

Use this service to have us investigate an item and provide you evidence of the final decision. If deemed genuine we provide a COA as normal included in the fee paid. If deemed not to be genuine, we cannot provide the COA but do provide the evidence file. The increased fee over our standard COA is to cover the evidence gathering process.

An opinion checked COA costs £25.

NOTE: Pictures sent for review and printed on the COA MUST be numerous and of high quality. The physical and online record will clearly show the exact item.


Certificate Number: BH00048

Oasis – Signed Drum Skin – Tony McCarroll & Bonehead

A 13” white drum skin & sticks signed by Oasis drummer Tony McCarroll, also adding “We see things they’ll never see, you and I are gonna Live Forever”. Guitarist Paul Bonehead Arthurs then signed the bottom. Both signed at private BH sessions as below: • Bonehead – Nov. 2023, Manchester • Tony McCarroll – Nov. 2023, Manchester
Certificate Date: 2024-06-08


Bittersweet Home use a local professional framer.

If you would like an item framed before posting, please select that option on purchase. The prices are fixed and will show relative to the items size with an increase in the postage costs to accommodate extra size/weight once framed.

A single mount colour choice can be added to the Notes Section on purchase, if nothing is added then a black mount is default.

If an item is an unusual size, you’d like more than one mount, or wish to discuss a different wood option please email in advance.

*Please note that when sending an item framed, we cannot use glass due to the risk of transit damage. We will use UV Protected glare free acrylic for safety*